Monster Tough

Monster Tough is our thin-coat series of ambient air-cure (heat can also be used to accelerate the cure time), single component, solid tone color coatings.  This formula is designed to completely replace the need for two component pure heat cure color coatings.  They are the toughest, most durable, and completely heat resistant coatings available.  They also are the best options for applicators in terms of ease of use efficiency, high coverage rate, and profitability. 


  • Dry-to-Touch (DTT) Air-Cure is achieved in a mere 30-60 minutes.  The time, labor and energy costs make this a complete winner.  (Humidity, air flow, and temperature (heated air up to 110°) impact the DTT time-frame). 
  • It is a single component product that needs to be stirred and shaken for consistent and uniform application results. Two component formulas are prone to wasted material and slight color variations.  Unlike two-component heat-cure coatings that cannot be put back in the container if unused, our single-component 
  • MONSTER TOUGH coatings can be put back and used at a future date. MONSTER TOUGH ambient air coated parts can be packaged for shipment after achieving DTT, but prior to a full cure, as they will not stick or bond to the paper or plastic packaging materials and will continue to cure while packaged. 
  • When fully cured (5 days), it is UV resistant, significantly more durable, tougher, and more chemical and wear resistant than heat cure coatings.  It will hold up to extreme heat (direct flame) and will not burn off like other coatings (including as an exterior coating on suppressors).   
  • Additional Color coatings can be applied wet-on-wet, OR after 24 hours of achieving air cure DTT, OR after 35 minutes of additional heat cure at 350° directly after achieving air cure dry-to-touch.  If the base coat has been cured, and additional colors need to be added, the applicator can use SUPER PRIMER instead of blasting. SUPER PRIME can be wiped on and will provide 100% crosslinking. 
  • Increased coverage rate will allow each once of coating to go much further than competitive products.  The coverage rate for one once of Monster Tough applied to the optimum thickness (or thinness) is 9.375/square feet of surface area coverage.  For example, our primary competitor’s products are generally applied at 2-3 mils vs. MONSTER TOUGH, that goes on between 0.4-1 mil.  This can mean 2-6X greater coverage!
  • To further minimize waste, especially for small amounts of not often used colors, if stored properly, the MONSTER TOUGH has an indefinite shelf life.

Wet Grip

Wet Grip is our nearly invisible, clear, dead flat nano-ceramic topcoat option that is designed to activate when needed and minimize an operator’s hands from slipping when wet conditions exist.


  • WET GRIP is a unique coating. It is smooth to the touch.  It is unseen in dry conditions and remains that way until needed.  Once a damp or wet hand or glove comes in contact with a WET GRIP coated surface, the coating activates, and the operators’ grip is dramatically improved.   
  • It never becomes sticky and is easily cleaned, just as a normal nano-ceramic coating surfaces does. 
  • It can be applied directly onto ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastics, and pre-coated surfaces, where a Non-Reflective - No-Gloss Ceramic finish enhancement is desired. 
  • The end result is that operators ability to manage and use their firearms more effectively in wet conditions (sweat, rain, on boats, in swampy, marine, humid, or other environments) put them in a better situation to complete their mission successfully.    
  • The application of WET GRIP as a “value added” option that can be offered to clients for initial coating services OR on already coated guns that want to add the non-slip feature.  Using SUPER PRIMER can make this a very easy to use and profitable firearm enhancement service.

Super Prime

Super Prime is our nano-ceramic adhesion promoting clear primer that provides 100% cross-link adhesion between coatings. (Suitable for extreme low & high-temperature* use)


  • When using SUPER PRIME there will be NO NEED FOR BLASTING, and the stress of wondering “if” you will get full adhesion.   
  • SUPER PRIME is super easy to use. It is applied at 1-3 microns of thickness (barely there) by wiping it on the surface with a lint-free cloth. It will save you significant and valuable time, energy and material when applying additional colors on top of another.  
  • In addition to bonding ceramic coats, it will also uniquely create a bond to silicon surfaces, polyethylene (PEG) sheeting, and the like. 
  • Simply apply to desired area and apply the new coating within a 10 minute window.  You will get 100% cross-linked bonding. If your coating efforts are interrupted beyond the 10 minute application window, simply reapply the SUPER PRIME.
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