DutyKote is a Modern Spartan Systems brand. The underlying mission of Modern Spartan Systems is to bring viable innovative products to the market that people will love using. Our products stand out and differentiate themselves from the competition based on unique benefits and over performance.

MSS provides by-far the best chemistry to the firearms and other markets. Nearly all users become believers. Likewise, DutyKote provides the most advanced and toughest ceramic coatings on the market. Having worked with problem solving, high-tech industrial specialty coatings for years, the opportunity to bring Monster Tough, WET GRIP, SUPER PRIME and other unique coatings to the firearm and other markets was a no-brainer. Just like our chemistry, our coatings for people that want the very best.

In addition to providing great products to our customers, we believe in developing great relations with the people we work with. It does not matter if you are a small or large end-user/customer, a one man shop or big time reseller, media person, manufacturer, non-profit, military or LEO (we love all you guys and girls) …, we are happy to get to know you, answer questions, and provide help where we can.

Most importantly, we are foremost God-Family-Country people that value our Constitutional freedoms and value the people that have stood and stand now between them and tyranny. If you agree with that, we stand united already. If you try our products, welcome on-board.
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